All About Nissan Kicks e-power Prices, Specs and Full Review!

Nissan Kicks e-power

The world Premier has been conducted in Thailand by Nissan and showed his new Series-hybrid Nissan kicks e-power. Thailand becomes the first country that came with the Hybrid technology which can be practically adopted by people.

As per the rumor which has coming right now, that the new kicks e-power has the fuel efficiency of 24km/L, is it true or just rumor?

As all you know that it’s name (e-power) that justify its technology that means it works on some kind of electric power, so here is a tech fact and a question for all of you that it comes with an 1.2L DOHC 12-valve three-cylinder engine but why? Its an electric car right? So Lets start our journey to find out these kind of facts in this article.

Nissan Kicks e power

Basically it is a Series-Hybrid electric vehicle which is not same as like Maruti Suzuki ciaz(smart hybrid) or Mahindra Scorpio(mild hybrid or intelli hybrid), if we compare New Nissan kicks e-power with Maruti Suzuki ciaz or Mahindra Scorpio the first differential is that in both the cars (Ciaz and Scorpio).

The primary and the final source for drive the wheels is that the Gasoline engine and the electric motor is just to assist the gasoline engine to increase the fuel economy from 7% to 8% but in the kicks e-power the primary source to drive the wheels is that the Electric motor that means it is an electric car and it comes in four variants : Eco, Normal, EV, Sports.

Power Train Specifications

Nissan Kicks e power

The Nissan kicks e-power power train consists of :

The Nissan kicks e-power come with the fully loaded EM57 electric motor, an 1.2L gasoline DOHC engine and a 1.57KWh Lithium ion battery which surves us the maximum power of 129PS and a maximum torque of 260Nm.

This Nissan kicks e-power is a series hybrid electric car so this will gives you two unique advantages, first it gives us the feel of the premium electric car and also with that we can drive this electric car to a long range because of this series hybrid technology which charges the battery at the time of driving.

This Nissan Kicks e-power loaded with the Regenerative braking which will also helps us to increase the fuel economy and the drive range

Nissan Kicks e-power Exteriors

Nissan Kicks e power
Nissan Kicks e power
Nissan Kicks e power
Nissan Kicks e power
Nissan Kicks e power

At the front Nissan gives V-Motion radiator grille, LED (Lamps and turning lights) and Fog Lamps. And if we talked about the Side profile the Nissan gives 17-inch alloy wheels, a floating roof and a wrap-around visor and at the back LED tail light and the e-power badging at the back. There is no out source charging socket is present on the body of the SUV.

Nissan Kicks e-power Interiors

 The instrument panel (MID) has a 7-inch display and at the center console it came with the 8-inch infotainment system that connect with Apple Car play for iOS and with that it gives you the safety and security. The leather finish seats and the arm rest at the door.


If we talk about the price range of the New Nissan Kicks e-power so basically it Lies in between the 20 Lacs to 25 Lacs as per the Indian Market but assumptions are saying that it will not launched in India till the end of this Year 2020.

So these are an assumptions that this new Nissan Kicks e-power comes in India in 2021. We Hope that it will come soon and will see that India is ready for adopting these changes or not.

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